Rio de Janeiro, 7 December 2016

Last week, the Academia-Industry Training (AIT) Program moved to Switzerland for additional and more specific sessions of training, visits, networking, and pitches (this time, pitches that were worth grants for the best startups!).

In addition to the Swiss and Brazilian scientrepreneurs, who explored opportunities in Brazil during early October, the AIT Camp in Lausanne and Zurich welcomed participants from the Camp in India. In total, 40 “scientrepreneurs” were exchanging their startup ideas and learning in an international environment.

Participants from Brazil who joined the AIT Camp in Switzerland were supported by the MCTIC (Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications). Additionally, during this third cycle of AIT, three startups from the Brazilian “Sinapse da Inovação” entrepreneurship program joined the Camp in Switzerland with the support of FAPESC (Santa Catarina State Funding Agency).

The final pitching event was held at the end of the long week of activities in the cold winter. The best startups from each country were awarded by an international jury with innovation grants so each winner can further develop his or her startup project and bridge the gap from the academia to the market. The best Swiss and Brazilian startup projects were from the fields of Med- and Bio-tech. They were awarded with innovations grants offered by SERI (Swiss State Secretariat, for Education, Research and Innovation) and MCTIC (Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications). In addition, the best Brazilian startup project earned cloud credits and mentoring services from IBM Brazil.

If you want to get a glimpse into the entrepreneurship training from the Brazilian perspective, check out Tatiana Tilli’s blog post (2nd place among the Brazilian participants), at our swissnex blog.

Stay tuned for upcoming success stories of these last three years of AIT and make sure to develop a startup project based on your academic research if you are willing to apply for the next AIT edition!

Swiss Participants Top 3 Ranking

  • 1st Place
    Emma Cavalli
    Project Name: HA-TG
    Industry: Med-tech
    HA-TG is a bioengineered hydrogel with the potential to revolutionize cartilage repair surgical treatments.
  • 2nd Place
    Alberto Schena
    Project Name: Lucentix
    Industry: Med-tech
    Handheld biosensors for home use that allow patients to do precise blood analysis, at anytime, anywhere, within minutes, from one drop of blood with a finger-prick.
  • 3rd Place
    Yannick Devaud
    Project Name: Patch Me Baby
    Industry: Med-tech
    The device intends to close the hole created by the catheter in the fetal membrane during fetoscopy.
Top 3 Swiss AIT startups (from the left to the right): Alberto Schena (Lucentix), Emma Cavalli (HA-TG) and Yannick Devaud (PatchMeBabay).

Brazilian Participants Top 3 Ranking

  • 1st Place
    Mateus Carlesso
    Project Name: Revella
    Industry: Bio-tech
    Development of biotechnology related products. The main product development is an innovative revealing salmonella kit.
  • 2nd Place
    Tatiana Tilli
    Project Name: Theranostic kit to breast cancer treatment
    Industry: Med-tech
    Development a theronostic kit to treat breast cancer patients based on personalized and individualized medicine
  • 3rd Place
    Maria Magalhães
    Project Name: i9 Biotec
    Industry: Bio-tech
    Development of antibody like molecules to replace secondary antibodies used worldwide in research and diagnosis.
Top 3 Brazilian AIT startups (from the left to the right): Tatiana Tilli (Theranostic kit), Mateus Carlesso (Revella) and Maria Magalhães (i9 Biotec).

Adriano Bürgi

Project Manager

swissnex Brazil

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